Restore photo date

Your photo files can have a different creation date compared to the date when the photo was taken. This can happen in situation liek downloading a back-up from Microsoft Onedrive or Google Photos (Google takeout).

In the image above you can see the photos are taken in 2018 (the filenames contain the date and time), but the creation dates are set in 2024. Changing the creation date is not possible using the default Windows tools, the main reason I created Restore photo date.

Restore photo date allows users to quickly restore the creation date of the photos and parent folders, using EXIF data (data the camera stores in your photo files), Google Takeout JSON files or the date & time (format: YearMonthDay_HourMinuteSecond) in the filename.

Download trail version

If you want to restore your photos to their original creation date, I recommand to try this trail version, which is limited to 10 files.

Download Restore photo date

Buy full version

If the software works and you want to change a large number of photos, you can buy the full version, which can handle an unlimited amount of files.

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